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Affordable Solution Short Distance Movers NYC

Are you looking for affordable short distance moving solutions in NYC? American National Movers is here to help. We tailor our fleet, including vans and trucks, for moves within 50 to 500 miles.

Moving Short Distance

  • In the world of interstate and local moves, many movers have not optimized their business to handle the 50 to 500-mile moves better.



  • Even if the shipment is moving in state or from New York to Connecticut, many companies define a move over 50 miles as 'long-distance.' We understand that a 300-mile move is different from moving coast-to-coast.


  • The problem is that many businesses quoting you have limited trucks and men. Your move may not be as complicated as a New York to California move; taking your load means one less truck.

truck load of furniture moving short distance in nyc

Movers With Certificate Of Insurance

  • Many buildings in New York require your short distance moving company to have a certificate of insurance.


  • A Certificate of Insurance proves liability if anything in the building gets damaged during your move.


  • Moving companies need a DOT number from the Department of Transportation for short distance interstate moves.


  • Without a DOT number, short distance moving companies cannot provide you with a Certificate of insurance.

Best Movers in NYC Short Distance

  • Movers can tap into a market that needs short-distance moving companies in NYC. Most movers charge over $5,000 to move furniture 50-500 miles, but our company is less expensive.


  • Today, people consider us one of the best movers in NYC for short hauls. We have enough trucks and movers to offer you prices you can afford comfortably.


  • We have a 4.6-star rating; check our TrustPilot reviews to see why people consider us the best for short distance moving.

three men and a truck doing a short haul in New York

Three Men And A Truck

  • Our 'Three Men and A Truck' service is a good choice for moves that need more men or a larger vehicle. This option is good for those with a lot of stuff or bulky furniture.


  • We created the three men and a truck service to better serve your short hauls and small moves. 


  • Even if you need 3 guys to move you from New York to Chicago, although it's 800 miles away, we still see it as short.


  • Many moving companies can't provide three men and a truck for everyone because of limited trucks and movers. 


  • Salespeople say truck availability affects price, and even though it may be a tactic to make you sign quickly, it's true.

National Moving Advantage


  • Some businesses may base your moving costs on availability, but our nationwide movers are always available.


  • With our fleet of vehicles, no job is too small or too large. Let us know what you need, and we will get it done.

Small Moving Companies NYC

  • Once you consider a national moving company, you can also contact small moving companies in New York.


  • The reason is simple: smaller movers offer cheaper rates than a fully booked company. The distance of your relocation is not the only factor in your total moving costs.

Short distance moving company unloading furniture

Costs For Short Distance Moves

  • American National Movers charges a flat rate of $4,500 for a full 26-foot truck. Our smaller moves cost less, averaging between $1,800 to $2,500.

  • Please remember that we calculate your moving cost based on size, distance, packing materials, and amount of overs.

Cheapest Movers

American National Movers advises against choosing the cheapest option if they have negative reviews or no insurance. Getting a discount from professional movers is okay if they can prove legitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions people ask when hiring movers for a short-distance relocation:

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How To Know If A Mover is Legitimate?


  • Verifying your moving company's DOT number is a good first step you can take when you're vetting your movers.


  • Another factor to consider is reviews; Reputable and legitimate companies will have an online presence with reviews.

What Do Movers Consider Short Distance?

  • Most companies consider shipments relocating within the same city or state a short haul.


  • However, American National Movers may consider moving furniture a short distance, even if it involves crossing state lines.


  • Local and long haul moving companies have different guidelines for what they consider long or short. Get a few quotes and choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Is 200 Miles Considered A Short Haul?

Many long distance moving companies will not consider a 200-mile relocation a short haul. However, American National Movers does, and our affordable moving costs reflect that.

What Do Movers Consider Long Distance?

  • Every business has different guidelines for what they consider long distance. However, a good rule of thumb is a move that would take more than one day to haul is long distance.


  • Some movers may classify any move across state lines as a long-distance haul. This includes shipments from New York to Connecticut.

What Is A Reasonable Amount for Moving Expenses?

  • For hiring professional movers for a local move within the same city, you can expect to pay at least $1,000. Shipments that are relocating between states have an average cost of $4,500.


  • Some companies will be open to negotiating a price with you as long as it is reasonable.

New York City Moves 

At American National Movers, we know moving can be tough. We guarantee to make your moving process easy whether it's a short distance move in NYC or far away.


Our movers are ready to handle any move, whether a large-scale relocation or a small move, from carefully packing pieces of furniture to providing storage services if needed.


As a leading moving company in New York, we prioritize exceptional customer service. Every NYC move is different, whether it involves a single item or an entire home. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your moving experience starts and finishes smoothly.


Get in touch with American National Movers for a free quote. We'll help make your next short move smooth and cost-effective. With us, every step of your moving journey is in safe hands.

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