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STOP! Wanting to save money is normal and finding a budget-friendly long-distance moving company is possible but if your long-distance movers are too cheap then you may be getting scammed. Before hiring movers be sure to check the moving companies' websites and reviews online so that you can gauge the reputability of the long-distance movers you want to hire. 

We're not saying that every long-distance moving company that provides affordable moving services is a scam but many long-distance movers that are cheaper have bad reviews. So check reviews and make sure they're legit.

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Some long-distance moving companies are more expensive than others, and it's not your fault. long-distance movers can charge what they want. But American National Movers is the most affordable with good reviews, so don't worry about quality we have the best movers nationwide.

American National Movers provide nationwide moving services so these movers can help make your dreams come true without you having to worry too much about budgeting and their highly rated so enjoy!

Reliable Movers

American National Movers has built its reputation through their reliability and the best part about it is they are more reliable and affordable. Don't ask me how but these long-distance movers get the job done.

Reasonable Movers 

Imagine long-distance movers who provide professional moving services at an affordable price point. Hard to come by right? Well, not here, American National Movers has movers who are experts in this field, and their movers aren't too expensive. They're reasonable!

Budget-Friendly Movers

Don't be afraid to admit that you want a discount. Our long-distance movers are budget-friendly and due to this failing economy, we're on a budget too! It only makes sense for us to be cheaper. We earn your business and you move cheaply. 

The way our movers move is poetic and when you add the fact that we are one of the most affordable long-distance moving companies in the nation, you might find yourself asking: "Are my movers legit?" Yes! American National Movers is, we don't have shady complaints online. 

A lot of long-distance movers have some bad feedback online, I guess it just comes with the territory of the moving industry but American National Movers is one of those long-distance moving companies that's cheaper with a good reputation online. 

Hiring cheap long-distance movers come with some risks, we're talking about your entire home in the back of someone's truck. That's why it's important not to make your decision solely based on which long-distance moving company is cheapest and always check for review

Aside from being cheap do your long-distance movers provide any value? How long will it take for delivery and do they have a professional website? When you check for feedback online do you see any unnecessary complaints that might raise a reflag? Ask yourself these questions 

Budget-Friendly Moving Services

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American National Movers really built its reputation by surpassing other movers by being the most professional and affordable. Now that's impressive and to top it off our movers are nationwide so you can find our long-distance movers near you.


Age is a beautiful thing. Especially when you're relocating between states and want to hire long-distance movers because our national moving company has senior movers with the best discounts.  


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Thank You! One of our moving pros will contact you shortly. 

Post-pandemic the search for affordable moving services is at an all-time high. As of 2023, the economy is failing and inflation is soaring. People are vulnerable and moving scams are on the rise. If you are moving on a budget then likely you are in search of the most affordable long-distance moving company and that's okay but please keep in mind that many moving scams come from the cheapest moving company. 

They're many reports online of the Attorney General and the FBI shutting down business that would prey on your moving budget so to keep things simple, I would strongly recommend checking for complaints online before working with a moving company. Your movers don't have to be the biggest moving company around but there should not be several complaints of damages, overcharges, and delayed delivery.


It's important to understand that when moving long distances with several items, expecting to pay very low costs would be unreasonable. But, you can still save money on your movers you just have to know where to find affordable long-distance movers with good reviews. For example, professional long-distance movers get paid a reasonable amount of money per hour, and a move of this size would require at least 5 men working for 2-3 days, including labor, materials, travel time, packing time, and fuel costs. Fuel alone could cost close to $2,000.00, so legitimate movers could not move a 5-bedroom home for what you would consider cheap.


When choosing long-distance movers it's crucial to consider the cost of your movers, reviews, and whether the cost of your movers is too cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for. For example, a cheap moving company will provide low costs and send limited resources. On the other hand, cheap long distance moving companies may cut corners and use lower-quality packing materials or untrained movers. This could lead to a disaster, such as damaged belongings or additional hidden costs. It's also important to choose a long-distance moving company that is thorough during the estimate process, like American National Movers, to ensure you get the professional moving services you desire.


The success of your long distance move depends on the long-distance movers you choose. Moving between states is not as easy as throwing items in boxes and placing furniture onto a truck. Expecting to pay very low costs for movers is a risk not always worth taking, especially if you want the job done correctly. One common tactic that shady movers use is providing a low quotes to entice customers, only to trap them with additional hidden fees later.


It's important to note that an affordable long-distance moving company doesn't necessarily equate to a shady one. Many professional movers provide affordable and reasonable pricing for their services, and that's where American National Movers come in. We understand that moving can be expensive, and we strive to provide affordable moving services without compromising quality.


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