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Professional Movers From Boston And Chicago 

Are you moving from Boston to Chicago or from Chicago to Massachusetts? A national moving company has several affordable interstate moving options. Once we cross state lines, we don't need to drive back because we have a base in both states.  

Movers From Boston To Chicago

There is a trend in movers from Boston and Chicago, and we offer this service in both states. As a national brand, we have cheaper and reliable movers with good reviews. At American National Movers, you get a better rate movers without the lack of quality.


Our Boston And Chicago Movers are 25% cheaper than reputable moving companies offering local and long distance moving services. We emphasize the term: "reputable" because we do not compete with moving options with bad reviews.

Chicago And Boston Packers And Movers

We boast our better rates, but our affordable moving services are not lacking in quality. Our movers will pack and move your furniture and disassemble and reassemble your things.

Movers With Overnight Storage

Our movers can provide overnight storage if you cannot accept delivery on the same day. Since you will use our movers, we offer a discounted rate for overnight storage.

Interstate Movers Chicago 

The term "interstate movers" is a legal term for hiring an out-of-state moving company in ChicagoMoving interstate essentially means moving between states, so we can see why people may call it "long distance movers" or "out of state movers." 

Interstate moving companies must have a DOT license and insurance to transport household goods across state lines. You can check if your long-distance movers in Chicago have the appropriate credentials for interstate relocations here.

 Long Distance Movers Chicago 

American National Movers has an average long distance moving cost of $3,000 in Chicago. People are pleased with the value that we provide in our services. We're reliable and competitive, making us one of the top Chicago long distance moving companies near you. 


A long distance move can involve a Chicago moving company hauling your furniture within 200 miles or more. Although a long-distance relocation does not always involve an out-of-state move, the moving costs are similar. 

Licensed Interstate Moving Company Boston 

Long distance, short distance, and interstate movers must have a DOT number to cross state lines with household goods. Without a DOT number, a moving company cannot perform long-distance moves that involve a new state. So be careful because if a mover hauls your furniture without authorization from the FMCSA, your shipment is at risk of fraud. 

Boston, MA Long Distance Movers 

Moving long distances involves moving upwards of 200 miles. Sometimes, this equates to an out-of-state move, and other times, it's a long haul within the same state.

Long distance movers boston

 Only a few long distance movers exist in Boston, MA.

  • All My Sons Moving has a decent reputation, has been in business for 30 years, and has average reviews. However, they are the most expensive long-distance movers in Boston, averaging $7,000 from Boston to Chicago.

  • Gentle Giant Moving Company has been in business for several years, offering interstate and long-distance moves in Massachusetts. Their reputation is better than All My Sons, and the average cost from Boston to Chicago is $5,500. 

  • Poseidon Moving is a new long-distance mover in Boston, MA, with a B rating on the Better Business Bureau. While people consider Poseidon movers trustworthy, they often receive damage complaints and have a reputation for unexpected charges. 

Flat Rate Moving Services = Peace Of Mind 

Did you know that interstate and long distance moving costs can change on move day? If this price is not guaranteed, the initial cost of your Boston movers means nothing. That's why you might find movers from Boston and Chicago with negative reviews. 


Some businesses quote you one price and then completely change the terms of the agreement. At American National Movers, we honor your costs with flat-rate movers in Boston. This makes your moving process stress free and gives you peace of mind because you can budget correctly. 

Save Money and Move Safely 

With American National Movers, you don't need to worry about service quality when choosing affordable options. We offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our service. Our positive reviews on Trustpilot and Google testify to our commitment to reliable moving services. No moving company is perfect, but we strive to provide an experience as close to perfect as possible.

Among The Best Movers From Boston  

American National Movers stands out among the moving companies in Boston and Chicago. We are a popular choice for people who want a great moving experience. This is because we are affordable, reliable, and provide quality service. We understand the challenges of long-distance moves and have the skills to handle them professionally and carefully.


If you're moving from Boston to Chicago or vice versa, choose American National Movers for a positive experience. Contact us for a free quote and take the first step towards a smooth and successful move.

packed furniture by boston packers and movers


Here are some frequently asked questions when considering a long distance move:

How Much Does it Cost to Move From Boston To Chicago?

The cost of your movers will vary based on the size and distance of your long-distance move but expect an average cost of $4,500. You may find a cheaper option, but professional movers typically will cost no less than $4,000 to move from Boston to Chicago. You get what you pay for, so investing in a good moving experience is worth it.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Boston or Chicago? 

The cost of living in Boston is 29.7% more expensive than the cost of living in Chicago. That's a significant difference; no wonder about 250 people per month are seeking Boston to Chicago moving services. 

What's The Cheapest Day To Hire Movers?

The cheapest day to hire movers is between the 9th and the 15th of each month. If possible, avoid moving in the summer. Local, long-distance, and interstate moves from Boston are 35% more expensive in the summer months. 

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