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How To Find Reliable Affordable Movers in California

Welcome to American National Movers, where we relocate your items with expertise at costs you can afford

- Californians are simply moving to states with lower living costs. People are more budget-conscious, and as of 2024, it's about how to save the most money.

- Most interstate and long-distance moving companies in California charge $8,000 even if you have a small load. That's a lot of money! 

- While hiring relocation specialists is convenient, the costs of their services often outweigh the value of their furniture. 

Californian moving company packing furniture well

Affordable Movers California 

 - The demand for moving services in California means nothing if the costs are beyond reach. While people want a professional company, that does not mean they are willing to spend an unreasonable amount on moving services. 

- We remain relevant by offering a successful moving experience to our customers at a reasonable price. At American National Movers, our costs are cheaper, and we also provide reliable moving services

- What's the catch? There is none: our California movers are eager to earn your business and are willing to compete for it. By reducing costs, a business generates less profit. However, our competitive costs are producing a high volume of sales. 

How to Find A Long-Distance Moving Company in California? 


- Do some research. Remember that Google is your best friend, and Google can help you find the best movers for your needs and budget. 

- Continue on Google and type: "long distance moving companies California." Contact a few businesses for a moving estimate and provide your inventory. 

- Remember, not every business specializes in state to state relocations. Some California movers simply don't have enough trucks to accommodate your long-distance relocation. 


-Ask friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors for professional long distance moving recommendations in California. Perhaps someone you know has had a good experience with a moving company. 

- The Beter Business Bureau can also showcase professional movers in your local area, with ratings to asses their reputability. The BBB is a trusted source to find a legitimate business in the Golden State. 

- Yelp, Forbes, and other data lead providers can assist you in a reliable long distance moving company in California. Please note that third-party companies sell your information to multiple businesses to contact you for a quote. 

Small Long Distance Moves

California movers packing a small move

California's long distance moving companies usually do not haul a small move for less than $5,000. This is because even though your load is small, you still use their resources, such as a truck, a foreman, and movers. 

- You can still find a professional moving company to haul your small move for a cheaper price. 

- Start by contacting mid-sized carriers, continue on Google, and type "small move long distance movers." 

- Once you contact long distance moving companies in California specializing in small moves. Get a few estimates and then compare reviews, costs, and services. 

- Small movers are likelier to offer you a lower price to earn your business than a major van line. You don't need to hire the largest moving company in California for a good moving experience. You need to ensure that the business is trustworthy and has a reputation for being reliable. 

Long Distance Movers California 

Is your long distance move an in-state move or an interstate relocation? Ask yourself this question and understand the difference between the two: 


- In California, your relocation can still be considered a long distance move if it falls within the range of 100 to 400 miles. 

- Your moving costs won't be as high as a haul traveling between states. However, the estimated costs will be higher than a move just a few miles away. 

- 100 to 300-mile hauls in California with American National Movers have an average cost of $2,500. Relocation costs include packers, movers, loading, unloading, disassembly, and reassembly. 

Long Distance Moves:

- Most movers in California consider a haul that exceeds 400 miles as a long distance move.

- 400-mile hauls are considered long distances because your load is likely moving between states during the process. 

- When moving to a new state, check if your company has a DOT number to operate legally. This is important regardless of the distance of your move.

- A DOT number ensures the company meets certain safety and insurance requirements. Make sure to verify this information before hiring a moving company. 

Tips To Save Money & Have A Succesful Moving Experience 

- Downsize: Consider donating or recycling furniture you don't need for a lower cost on your move. Long distance moving companies in California calculate your cost by volume or weight. Smaller shipments are generally cheaper than larger moves. 

- Complaints: Consider their reviews before hiring a moving company solely based on price. Although your California Movers may be legitimate, that does not exempt them from deceptive business practices. 

- Estimate:  Ensure your moving costs are accurate before agreeing to a quote. Moving costs may change unexpectedly, especially if you hire a company with a bad reputation for being dishonest.

Flat Rate: Ask for a set price for your long distance move in California to avoid unexpected costs. Ensure your movers provide a written guarantee of your costs because verbal agreements are not enforceable. 

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