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Small Cross Country Moving | Affordable Movers

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The customer signed the bill for lading after we completed a small cross-country move.

You have a few items to ship cross country, and if the price is right, you would prefer the help of professional movers. You're not alone.

We solve the problem of finding affordable long distance movers for small loads! Many consumers seeking these services have a budget between $2,000 and $4,000. That's why American National Movers offers competitive rates designed for customers with smaller loads and budgets. You won't break the bank while getting the professional moving help you deserve.

People are scrambling on Google and searching:

  1. "The best way to move a small amount of furniture across the country" 

  2. "Cheapest way to move a small load long distances."

  3. "Best small load moving company for out of state move" 

While many long distance moving companies shy away from small cross country moves due to the low profit margin, American National Movers stands out as a specialist in this field. Whether you have a few pieces of furniture or a small load to relocate out of state, we've got you covered. 

Why Long Distance Movers Hate Small Cross Country Moves

As mentioned above, many large moving businesses avoid small cross country moves because profit margins are little. Moving companies would prefer to use their trucks for larger hauls, so there aren't many small move long distance movers. However, this doesn't mean moving a small cross country load is impossible. You can ensure a successful and affordable move by understanding the challenges and planning ahead. 

Here is what to do:

Small Move? Avoid Major Van Lines 

Major Van Lines, such as Mayflower and Atlas, charge premium moving rates. With an average cost of $5,500 for a mini load, these national moving companies are not ideal for small moves across the country. 

Call Small Long Distance Moving Companies  

Work with three men and a truck, a small moving company, for your long distance move. Small long distance movers cross country relocations average $2,800

American National Movers: Small Cross County Move Specialists 

American National Movers has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been in business for seven years. Our moving company is national, so our truck and long distance movers move small loads at cheaper rates. 

Shared Load Moving Are Perfect For Small Loads

American National Movers: Moving one small move at a time. Look at this happy family after hiring us!

Finding the Best Movers For Your Small Cross Country Move

Here is how to ensure that you hire the best long distance movers for your small move: 


Is the moving company you're considering prompt and enthusiastic about your small move? Long distance movers who value customer service are more likely to provide the best moving experience. 

National Moving Companies For Small Moves 

You don't need to hire the biggest national moving company for the best small cross country experience. There are many benefits to hiring a small, long distance moving company. They often offer more affordable rates, more personalized service, and more flexibility in their scheduling. Sometimes, three men and a truck or an independent carrier are all you need for a successful and affordable small cross-country move. 

Get Multiple Quotes From Small Long Distance Movers

Get at least three moving quotes, and go with the long distance movers who want your business. If a mover is too expensive, don't worry; companies like American National Movers are affordable for small moves. 

Vet Your Mini Move Cross Country Movers

Whether making a small or big-scale move, you must vet your movers to ensure a good experience. This involves checking their licensing and insurance, reading reviews and testimonials, and asking for references. Some cross-country moving companies offer a cheaper rate but take 21 days for delivery. Consider this, compare, and choose the best option for your needs and budget. 

Get A Flat Rate on Your Small Cross Country Move 

If you find the cheapest mover for your long distance move, ask them for a flat rate to avoid your estimate increasing. A flat rate is a fixed price that doesn't change, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances or changes to the scope of the move. This can be a great way to ensure you don't pay more than you budgeted for your move. Remember, moving estimates can change as your costs might be based on volume.

a picture of a few pieces of furniture to be packed by American National Movers

Moving A Few Pieces Of Furniture Cross Country?

The truth is that anyone can relocate small hauls long distances or across the country, but not every company would be economical. Customers have a max budget of $3,000 based on customer feed for cross-country moves. 

Top 4 best, affordable movers for small moves going cross country:

American National Movers: Our movers are nationwide, affordable, and experts at relocating little cross-country moves. 

AlliedNational moving company with several years of experience at an average cost of $3,800 for a small long distance move. 

PODSPODS is a national mover, but you must pack and load yourself. With PODS, you can relocate to a small cross-country move for about $3,000. 

FedExAre you moving a single item or a few cross-country boxes? Ditch the movers and ship your items with FedEx; it's much cheaper. 

FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Move A Small Amount Of Things 

Here are the top 3 best ways to move a few items to another state 

  1. UPS: Pay UPS or FedEx to ship a few items cross-country. Expect to pay anywhere between $400 to $800.00

  2. Shared Load Movers: Combine shipments for the best price on a small long distance move. 

  3. Small Movers/ Independent Carriers: Smaller moving companies are likelier to lower their prices to earn your business.

  4. PODS: Although their reviews aren't the best, PODS has proven to be one of the cheapest small cross country moving options. 

Is Hiring Long Distance Movers For A Small Cross Country Move Worth it?

Whether or not to hire a moving company for a small cross-country move depends on the value of your items and their sentimental value. If the cost of hiring long-distance movers exceeds the value of your small move, hiring a moving company might not be worth it. 

What Is Considered a Small Move?

Long distance and cross country moving companies consider a studio to 1-bedroom apartment a small move. Many moving companies prefer to move two bedrooms and up. 

Can Long Distance Movers Relocate A Single Item?

Yes, movers can move a single item, but if that single item is going to another state, expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 if you're lucky enough to find a price that low. American National Movers usually costs no less than $2,000 for small long-distance moves. 

Get A Quote: Small Cross Country Movers Specialist 

Long-distance moving companies are having a hard time competing with American National Movers' small-country costs. Our mover is extremely reliable, and we offer the best deal for small moves relocating upwards of 1,000 miles away. 

Get a quote from American National Movers and work with the cheapest, best cross country movers for small moves. 

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