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Professional State to State Movers to Move Out Of State

Professional movers for state to state moves, like American National Movers, can move your furniture quickly and safely. Hiring movers to move out of state is a great investment; if done correctly, it's convenient and cost-effective.

Professional movers to move out of state moving truck

Professional State to State Moving Services

With American National Movers, you get professional moving services, and we guarantee a stress-free moving process. Relocating between states is overwhelming, and our state to state movers are here to put your mind at ease. We are confident that you'll be satisfied with our services, but if you aren't, we will refund you the labor costs. 

Packing Services  

Although our state to state moving services are quite affordable, we don't just load and unload. Our packers and movers provide a full-service white glove door-to-door moving experience; you don't have to lift a finger. However, to save money on your out of state relocation, you have the option to pack your boxes. Please note that the owner will not receive compensation for any item they pack in the rare event of damage.

We Own Several Moving Trucks, Making Us Cheaper 

Moving companies with limited trucks are naturally more expensive than state to state movers with a fleet of vehicles. A moving company with fewer trucks must charge more to compensate for the downtime. The longer a truck is committed to a move, the more it prevents the moving company from serving other customers. 

Unlike some other moving companies, American National Movers is well equipped for state to state moves. Our nationwide network of trucks and movers enables us to be affordable, reliable, and efficient. 

Flat Rate Moving 

I'm sure you've heard horror stories of additional charges on moving day, tarnishing the moving industry. This has made moving consumers skeptical and weary of the state to state moving company they hire. The best way to avoid bait and switch moving scams is to ask for a flat rate on your state to state move. A flat rate guarantees your price and avoids additional charges and disputes with you and your movers. 

Expedited Delivery Services 

Once our state to state packers and movers load your inventory in our moving trucks, we drive straight to your new home. We do not stop at a warehouse or make additional stops so that you can expect a fast delivery of your household goods. 

Interstate Movers Must Have A DOT Number

Interstate and state to state moving companies must have a license, insurance, and a DOT number obtained by the FMCSA. A DOT number proves that your movers are legitimate and operating legally. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration helps ensure mover compliance with safety, rules, and regulations and helps prevent moving fraud.  

Free State to State Moving Quote 

American National Movers is a top state to state moving company known for being reliable. We specialize in out of state moves at a national level, so we can service you no matter where you're moving from or to. Our movers operate in Texas, California, Seattle, Chicago, Ohio, and other locations. Contact American National Movers with the details of your belongings, and we'll give you a fair price and reliable moving services. 


People frequently ask these questions before hiring a state to state moving company: 

state to state packers and movers packing furniture

What Are Long Distance Movers? 

A long distance move is when you hire movers that move from state to state to relocate your furniture across state lines. Essentially, movers refer to a state to state move as a long distance, interstate, or cross country move. However, the legal term for hiring movers to move furniture to a new state is interstate moving. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers Across States? 

How much are movers for another state relocation? State to state moving costs vary depending on the company you hire and the size and distance of your move:

Small State to State Moves Cost 

For small moves requiring relocation between states, movers like Allied, Mayflower, and American National Movers average $4,500. Professional moving companies with good reviews usually charge no less than $4,000 for small moves across states. 

Large Scale State to State Move Cost 

Professional movers to move furniture out of state average $7,000 to haul approximately 8,400 pounds of inventory. If your load is going across the country, expect to pay a higher average cost— the longer the distance, the higher the moving costs. 

How Do You Move Your Furniture to Another State?

Rent a moving truck and do the move yourself if you're comfortable driving a large moving truck. Otherwise, the most convenient way is to hire professional movers to move your furniture out of state.  

Are State To State Movers and Packers Worth it? 

Hiring movers to pack and move your furniture is much better than doing it yourself. If you can afford it, investing in state to state packers and movers is wise. Besides, when movers pack your items, they have to compensate you for them if they break them. However, if you pack the items yourself and it breaks, you will have to cover the costs for damage. 

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