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Three Men And A Truck | State to State Moving 

American National Movers offers reasonably priced moving options for state to state moves. We are introducing our three men and a truck-moving service. You qualify if your household goods fit in one truck and do not need more than three guys to pack and move your furniture. 

Picture of three young men and one truck movers

Three Guys, One Truck 

American National Movers offers nationwide relocation services so we can offer three men and one truck in any state. Whether your relocation is a short haul or a long distance move, our three men movers can help you:

  •  Our 3 guys have one 26-foot truck, moving supplies, and expertise. You can trust that our packing and unpacking services are top-notch. 

  • Our three-men and one-truck moving service is best for state-to-state moves, and we're DOT-operated. 

  • The average cost for our three men and one truck moving service is $3,500 for small moves and $5,500 for a large state to state move. 

Reliable Three Men Movers 

An American National Moving company backs our three men and truck movers. Our guys are background-checked and have years of experience in state to state moves. 

  • American National Movers trained our moving crew for ninety days to ensure our customers get a reliable moving service.


  • This is not a Craigslist deal where we hire three strangers with a truck to move your valuable items. American National Movers will only work with skilled professionals who are documented workers. 

  • Should you be unsatisfied with the level of service our three guys provide, we will refund you for the cost of their labor. 

How Our Three Men And A Moving Truck Works 

The three guys and one truck moving service is ideal for small to mid-sized shipments. If three men cannot efficiently pack and move your household goods without a fourth mover, you do not qualify. 

  • If you are relocating from state to state, you can hire our three-man movers for as little as $3,500.00. 

  • Each of our guys who provide the three-person service owns their trucks, making them cost-effective. 

  • This option is for you if you don't care about hiring the biggest moving company and just want three professional men and a truck. 

Cheapest Long Distance Moving Option 

American National Movers Truck Logo

American National Movers offers an affordable option for moving long distances with three men and a truck. Customers are paying upwards of $10,000 for a move that should cost no more than five grand. Major brands are lying to you; they hire three guys and a truck anyway and still charge a markup for using their moving company. 

  • American National Movers works with independent carriers who can move your items at a reasonable cost. 

  • We closely monitor our three men movers and supervise their work from start to finish. We value our reputation and our goal is to provide you with a stress-free state to state relocation. 

  • Call American National Movers and see if you qualify for our three-man moving service for your out of state move today. 

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