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Licensed Movers California to Idaho | Long Distance Movers

A trend in people seeking long distance moving services and hiring California to Idaho Movers is evident. California has become too expensive for many residents to afford, causing financial strain for many. From sky-high housing costs to bumper-to-bumper traffic, living in California is not worth it for some people.

California to Idaho movers show proof of their professional packing services

How Much Does it Cost To Move From California to Idaho?

When looking for options for moving to Idaho from California, you will get a wide spread of moving quotes. The most convenient but expensive option is hiring a long distance moving company, with an average cost of $5,500.

Some movers may give you prices between $2,500 and $3,500, but be careful when choosing cheap California to Idaho movers. Often, a lower price tag from a hauler can indicate a lower quality of service.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Idaho or California?

People know Idaho for its lower cost of living compared to California. Living in Idaho is 32% cheaper than in California, mainly because of lower housing costsMoving from California to Idaho could double your living space and save thousands on taxes.

  • Median home price in California: $773,400 (Zillow, Nov 2023)

  • Median home price in Idaho: $435,000 (Zillow, Nov 2023)

  • Sales tax in California: 7.25% (

  • Sales tax in Idaho: 6% (

Put simply: By Moving from California to Idaho, you could double your living space and save thousands on taxes.

Who are the Cheapest Movers From California to Idaho

We did some research for you and found some of the most affordable long distance movers from CA to ID: 

Allied: According to the Allied Van Lines website, the average cost to move to Idaho is $4,350.00. However, your moving costs greatly depend on the volume/weight of your household goods. With Allied, we are unsure if their average cost to move to Idaho is true. Some people say Allied is one of the most expensive movers in the United States, but call them and see. 

Three Men And A TruckAccording to Three Men Movers, the average cost for California to Idaho movers is $4,500 for a 2-bedroom home. Three Men And A Truck costs $6,500 for three bedrooms and up to move to Idaho. 

American National Movers: According to American National, the average cost to haul furniture from California to Idaho is $3,800. Larger loads relocating to Idaho with American National Movers cost around $5,000.00 

Making Your Idaho Moving Smooth and Affordable

california to Idaho packers and movers

Navigating California long distance relocations is overwhelming, especially when navigating costs. Moving from California to Idaho can cost around $5,500, but the final price can vary based on different factors. The key is choosing a reputable, experienced mover who fits your budget and needs.

Here are some tips for finding the right mover:

  • Research: Look for companies licensed and insured for interstate relocations.

  • Read reviews: Check online platforms and ask friends or family for recommendations.

  • Get quotes: Compare quotes from multiple movers and ask detailed questions about their services and pricing structure.

  • Avoid overly cheap options: Remember, quality often comes with a fair price.

Professional Movers California to Idaho 

Overall, moving from California is expensive, and we get that people want the best price, coupled with reliable movers. However, experienced interstate and long distance moving companies might not offer the cheapest option. However, The cheapest long distance movers with good service are Allied, Three Men Movers, and American National Movers. 

DIY Options California to Idaho 

Hope remains if the moving options we mentioned are still out of your budget. Here are some of the best, most affordable ways to move long distances without hiring full-service movers: 

U-PACK: Are you a move minimalist and need someone to drive your furniture to Idaho? U-Pack is an alternative to professional long distance movers in California. You pack and load with U-Pack, and they hire a contractor to drive your household goods. Please note that with U-PACK, you do not get coverage on your belongings. 

Shared Load Moves: Pack and have your items and call a shared load moving company to consolidate your move to Idaho. You get professional packers, movers, and insurance with a shared load. The average cost of a shared load move from California to Idaho is $3,000.


U-Haul: If all else fails and you are bold enough to pack and move your furniture without the help of long distance movers, go with U-Haul. The cost to rent a U-Haul from California to Idaho depends on truck availability. However, you can expect to pay around $2,800 to move from California to Idaho with U-Haul.  

Best Movers for Moving to Idaho From California 

At American National Movers, we are one of the best long distance movers for moving to Idaho from California. Our services include loading, unloading, packing, moving, disassembly, and reassembly. 

Choose American National Movers for your move to Idaho and get a flat rate, professional movers, and fast delivery. We have several moving options, making us one of the most affordable California to Idaho movers near you. Contact a move coordinator at 1-800-245-7967 for a free, no-obligation quote today. 

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