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Choosing the Best National Long Distance Movers For Your Needs & Budget

National moving companies are among the top choices for moving furniture long distances. Most people understand this and would rather hire a nationwide brand than a small moving company.

People often choose national moving companies for their expertise and established reputation. National movers are experts in packing and moving items safely between states.

Consumers prefer national brands and feel safer using a national mover over smaller brands with limited online information. Consumers fear being scammed by a smaller business that might not value their reputation like a national mover would.

Choosing the best national moving company requires careful consideration. National moving companies provide many services but can be expensive and have limited availability. Some national movers may also use third-party companies to transport your belongings.

Below is a list of the best National Movers that provide state-to-state moving services. It includes their advantages, disadvantages, and estimated costs.

If you want to hire the largest moving company in the U.S., look no further than United Van Lines:

  • History: In business since 1928.

  • Average Cost: Buckle up because a state-to-state move with United is expensive; $10,000 on average. If you have a smaller move going long distances, consider another national mover, as they do not specialize in hauling small loads.


  • Expert packing and national moving services and a wide range of packing materials to choose from.

  • Offers comprehensive nationwide moving services, including fragile-only packing, vehicle shipping, and long-term storage options.

  • A vast network of 500 nationwide moving agents ensures consistent service and availability.


  • High prices: United's brand and reputation come at a price, so be prepared to pay more than the national moving average.

  • Who's Driving The Truck?: United might subcontract your move to another carrier, but don't worry; they vet their long distance moving partners thoroughly.

Allied offers reasonable prices compared to all the expensive national moving companies in the United States:

  • History: Also claims to have been in business since 1928.

  • Average Cost: $5,000 for small and $6,800 for large-scale long distance moves.


  • Customers consider Allied affordable compared to other national van lines, especially for small long distance moves.

  • Wide range of national moving services, including packing, unpacking, and storage options.

  • Flexible pricing options and discounts for certain groups (e.g., military personnel).


Mayflower is one of the nation's most trusted national long-distance moving companies near you:

  • History: In business since 1927.

  • Average Cost: $6,700 for small moves, $12,000 for large moves.


  • Trusted brand with nearly 100 years of experience in the moving industry.

  • Specializes in moving fragile items, fine art, and valuable belongings.

  • Offers customizable moving packages to fit different needs and budgets.


  • Not for the Frugal: If budget is your top priority, Mayflower isn't your top choice for a national moving company.

  • Not Ideal For Short Hauls: With an average cost of $7,000 to move furniture 200 miles away, their prices can be surprisingly high for short distance moves.

American National Movers is one of the best affordable long distance moving options for small and large-scale moves:


  • Quality service at affordable prices.

  • A nationwide network of trucks and warehouses.

  • Fast delivery times and reliable service.

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.


  • Newer company compared to established brands.

  • Less feedback was posted about American National Movers Online.

North American Van Lines offers services similar to other popular national movers:

  • History: In business since 1933.

  • Average Cost: Varies from $7,000 to $14,000+


  • Known for excellent customer service and innovative technology solutions.

  • Offers a wide range of services, including packing, unpacking, and storage.

  • Utilizes advanced tools like online shipment tracking and virtual home surveys.


  • Premium pricing can be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers.

  • Mixed customer reviews, with some experiencing less-than-ideal service.

young and friendly movers moving boxes

Choosing The Best National Movers For Your Needs  

Here is what you should consider before deciding on which national moving company to hire:

1. Budget:

Determine your budget and compare quotes from different national moving companies. Some nationwide brands are expensive, and paying costs exceeding $6,000 for simple moves might be unnecessary. However, as a consumer, you should be realistic about your long distance moving budget. Top-rated national moving companies typically cost no less than $4,000.

2. Services: 

Decide which services are essential (e.g., packing, unpacking, storage) and which are optional. If you're moving from state to state on a budget, consider packing your linen, dishes, and fragile items yourself to save money.

3. Reputation: 

Research each national moving company's reputation by reading online reviews and checking ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Long distance movers that operate nationwide do not always mean it is reputable, so do your research and choose wisely.

Due to the high volume of long distance moving loads, a national company might take longer to deliver your furniture. Be sure to ask about the delivery window to avoid any potential mishaps. Moving companies like American National Movers offer same-day delivery and guaranteed arrival date options.

5. Insurance:

 One of the primary concerns with long-distance moving companies is damaged items arriving at delivery. Ensure the company offers full insurance coverage for your belongings. If you do not purchase full coverage, you're stuck with 60 cents per pound, which is not much coverage.

6. Availability:

 For the best possible price and service book your move in advance and avoid last-minute long distance moving inquiries. A national moving company might be too busy to provide a tailored customer service experience. Be sure the mover you hire is not too busy to satisfy your relocation needs.

National Moving Companies You Might Want To Avoid

Be weary; we have some national movers who are bad actors. As mentioned before, a moving company being national does not guarantee they are reputable. Here is a list of some nationwide brands with less than favorable ratings:

Get Quotes & Compare National Moving Companies

This comprehensive guide gives you the resources and tips to find the best national movers for your moving needs and budget.

At American National Movers, we have the expertise to relocate your furniture long distances or help you find another nationwide brand you can trust.

American National Movers was not compensated by any third party to provide you with this guide, and this post is to help you find the best national movers for your long distance move.  

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