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Nation Wide Movers | National State Moving

Work with a national moving company for your state to state move, and you'll have a better experience. 

Movers that offer nationwide relocation services are experts in the field, and some are budget-friendly for smaller moves.

Moving companies come in different sizes, but with a nation wide mover, you get convenience and peace of mind. 

Here is what you can expect when you work with nationwide movers:

  1. National home expert movers pack and move your furniture with care.

  2. Reliable moving company with good feedback when you check their reviews online. 

  3. Good and honest long distance movers with transparent pricing to avoid hidden fees. 

  4. Expedited shipment and a guaranteed delivery date 

National State to State Moving: Why Work with a Nationwide Mover?

Whether renting a truck and doing it yourself or hiring movers, there's always an element of risk. Here's how nationwide movers minimize those risks:

  • Accurate Pricing: With a nationwide mover, those upfront quotes are reliable. This means no hidden fees on moving day.

  • Insurance: National movers offer more coverage than the standard liability protection of 60 cents per pound.

Best Cheap National Movers 

If you're in an urban area like Denver or a rural area like Idaho, you should contact a national mover to compare pricing. People want to compare moving costs to ensure they get a fair deal. 

We did the due diligence for you and found some recommended affordable national moving companies near your area:

  1. Allied: It's hard to compete with Allied. They have been in business for a long time and offer a reasonable rate for their brand. 

  2. American National Movers: Mid-sized, reliable nationwide mover—American National Movers has good reviews and reasonable rates. 

  3. All My Sons: moving company with moderate pricing and multiple locations across the U.S. They provide both in-state and state to state moving services.

National Moving Company Reviews

Many people recommend sticking with well-known national movers such as Atlas, Allied, and Mayflower to avoid issues. It is a common misconception that you have to hire larger brands for a better moving experience. 

While it's true that you should ensure that you're movers are reputable and legitimate. Hiring the best mover for a long distance furniture move to another state does not guarantee a good experience. Even the best national moving company on the wrong day can be a horrible experience.

We did some research for you to prove these claims and found reviews on some of the top national movers:

1. Atlas Van Lines

Picture Of Atlas Van Lines Reviews

Picture Of United Van lines Reviews

2. United Van Lines

This may lead people to ask: Why do so many movers get bad reviews? 

Moving is a high-risk transaction; whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, expect things to happen. 

Picture Of Allied Van Lines Reviews

3. Allied Van Lines 


Do All Moving Companies Get Bad Reviews? 

Movers who have been in business for several years and are taking a high sales volume will eventually make a mistake and get a bad review. 

How To Tell If My National Mover is Reputable?

  1. Checking Reviews

  2. DOT Number ( Must Be Active)

  3. The length the moving company has been in business 

  4. Customer Service

  5. Professional Website

How Long Do National Movers Take to Deliver?

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