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How Much Long Distance Movers In California Cost

Moving far away from California can be exciting, but contacting multiple long distance movers for a quote is overwhelming. With so many California moving companies, knowing which option is best is hard.

American National Movers contacted professional movers for a quote on a long distance move from California. We did this to help you understand how moving far away works and how long distance movers determine costs.

Here is what we found about long distance moving companies in California:

packed furniture by California movers

California Movers May Share Your Load

We were most surprised that some of the most expensive quotes we received were for a shared load move. We contacted four long distance movers in California, and three of them quoted an average cost of $8,000 for a shared load.

A shared load moving service is a consolidated haul and can add several days to your delivery (21 days.) Imagine paying a mover a large sum of money. Then, you realize that you must wait 18-20 days to deliver your belongings. Most people would not be happy waiting 21 days for movers to deliver.

California Moving Companies May Charge A Shuttle Fee

Since most movers share your load to maximize their company profit, they unload and load your items in a tractor-trailer. If a tractor-trailer can't fit at your drop-off spot, you must pay extra for a shuttle. Long distance moving companies in California call this a shuttle fee ranging from $800 to $1200.

How Long Distance Movers in California Calculate Costs

Long distance moving companies have different ways of determining your move's final cost. Some movers calculate your costs by volume, weight, or mileage. However, reputable carriers always aim to give you a flat rate.

A flat rate on your relocation is essential if you're moving long distance or across the country. Most businesses understand this, and to avoid disputes with the customer, they would rather make your costs binding.

Other Factors Determining the Cost of Your Long Distance Move

Happy customer paying for a long distance move from California
  • Distance: The further you move, the higher the overall price. A move from California to Florida will naturally be more expensive than a short-distance move.

  • Shipment size and weight: if long-distance movers calculate your costs by weight/volume, larger and heavier loads increase costs.

  • Services: Additional charges will apply if you desire your movers to do more than pack furniture. Full-service packing, loading, and unloading options are pricier than packing your linen and glassware.

  • Additional services: Valuables insurance, storage, and expedited delivery incur extra charges.

  • Company reputation and brand: Major Van Lines like Allied have higher long distance moving rates than smaller companies. Don't be ashamed to work with a smaller brand; some provide the same level of moving services at a cheaper price.

  • Time of the year: The summer months' moving costs are 30% higher than moving in the slow season, November through January. Avoid moving during peak moving season if costs are a factor in hiring long distance movers in California.

Long Distance Movers California Cost

Instead of spending hours on the phone looking for long distance movers with the best price, we did some of the work for you. 

The size of your home determines moving costs, which can vary based on your starting and ending locations. The amount of items you have will also affect the cost. 

When requesting moving estimates from moving companies in California, we only contacted trusted brands. Other companies may haul your furniture for cheaper. 

North Star Movers

When you continue on Google and type "long distance movers California," North Star movers are the first recommendation. We called North Star Moving and requested a quote to move a 2-bedroom from California to Florida. 

  • North Star Moving quoted us $8,400.00 to haul about 6,000 pounds of household goods from California to Florida. Moving costs from California to Florida include full-service movers and a consolidated shipment. 

  • North Star Moving Company gives guaranteed moving estimates and calculates costs based on inventory. 

  • $8,400.00 to move 6,000 pounds of inventory (2-bed room) is expensive. However, North Star has been in business for 30 years and relocates around 8,000 people to a new state yearly. 

  • What we did not appreciate about North Stars' $8,400 quote is the shared load-moving service. The service cost of $8,400 to move from California to Florida is expensive for a shared truck. 

Roadway Moving 

Roadway Moving is a highly-rated moving company based in New York. However, Roadway provides long distance moving services to and from California. 

Although people know Roadway Moving is a legitimate business, there are some things we do not like about Roadway:

  • Their estimate process was unprofessional. They called us twice to give a quote for moving from California to Florida. 

  • Secondly, their move coordinators were unsure if they serviced a cross-country move from California to Florida. 

  • Third, Roadway Moving Company quoted us $9,803.72 to move 6000 pounds of household goods from California to Florida. However, the issue was not the price. The problem was their $9,803.72 moving quote from California to Florida came with a 20 business day delivery window!

  • Roadway has a long delivery window because they also consolidate your shipment with other people's loads. 

Paying close to $10,000 to move just 6,000 pounds of household goods across the country and to wait 20 days for delivery? No, thank you. 

Bellhop Movers 

Bellhop Moving was one of California's most expensive long-distance moving companies. However, we highly recommend that you consider their services. 

Here is why:  

  • We called Bellhop for a quote from California to Idaho and got a quote of $10,500 to move 8000 pounds of inventory. Moving from California to Idaho is closer than moving from California to Florida, but Bellhop was still pricier. 

  • Bellhop Movers is a popular option. They do not combine your move and promise specific delivery dates for moves to and from California. 

  • Additionally, Bellhop did not ask to call us back; they handled our questions and concerns seriously. 

  • With Bellhop Moving, you might not get the cheapest quote from California to Florida or Idaho. However, you can be confident that Bellhop will provide you with a good relocation experience. 

Allied Van Lines 

Allied Van Lines claims to be one of California's most affordable long distance moving companies. However, many people who requested moving estimates have reported an average cost of $9,000.

  • Allied Van Lines wouldn't provide a price because we didn't provide a pick-up and drop-off address.

  • Nonetheless, Allied is still a popular long distance moving company in California. However, Allied is a Major Van Line and is more expensive than smaller brands.

  • Allied is a good option for long distance moves from California. However, smaller brands like Bellhop and American National Movers can provide a more tailored moving experience.

American National Movers

American National Movers is one of California's most affordable long distance movers. Our Movers from California to Florida have an average cost of $6,500.00

  • Many people who hired American National Movers for a long distance move in California were happy. However, American National Movers has been in business for 8-years. Some consumers prefer working with a larger moving company instead.

  • American National Movers' $6,500 quote to move a 2-bedroom includes full-service movers and straight delivery.

  • American National Movers is a top long distance moving company in California. They offer fast delivery and have good reviews. Their services come at a reasonable cost.

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